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A jack of all trades, Thierry Parent loves his career as Solutions Manager at Amadeus. He describes the company as ‘open,  dynamic and connected’. Today Thierry shares his tip on Smart Flows with us.

Travel agents today don’t want to waste precious time slogging through boring admin tasks, which can be complex and difficult to do in cryptic. Instead, they want to concentrate on what they love: being a professional consultant to their clients.

A great time-saving solution is to build Smart Flows. A Smart Flow can check the information you put in, validate it, and the structure a complex command using the information captured. Quick to build and instant to deploy, sharing smart flows makes everyone’s life easier.

In previous tips, you’ve learned what Smart Flows are and how you can easily create and edit Smart Flows.

Today, I would like to show you how to create an advanced Smart Flow.

  1. Go to Main Page
  2. Click on Tools then click on Smart Flows
  3. Click on Office Smart Flows
  4. Click on New
  5. In Smart Flows Editor, click on Switch to Advanced Language Editor
  6. Enter/add name of the Smart Flow
  7. Add a description of the Smart Flow
  8. Add Smart Flow Advanced language, as desired
  9. Click on SAVE to save the Smart Flow
  10. Click CLOSE
  11. Go to Command Page
  12. Display a PNR
  13. Click on “Your Smart Flows”
  14. Click on the Smart Flow Name to be launched
  15. Select desired action

Smart Flows are an important part of the Amadeus Productivity Suite. Would you like to know more? Click here for more information on Productivity Suite, or ask a question on Facebook and we’ll help you with the answer…