low cost carriers
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2018 has been an exciting year in Amadeus for local low cost carriers, with Mango being added to the family!

While travel agents are able to book Mango and kulula.com just as they would any full-service carrier, there are still one or two little extra’s that they need to keep in mind to ensure that their traveller has the smooth check-in experience that they expect.

Both local Low Cost Carriers require the passenger’s date of birth in the PNR to ensure that you are able to access the PNR on the website and check-in, although each has its own method.

Mango Airlines (JE) requires the DOB to access the booking on its website and to check-in:
SR CKIN JE-23DEC77/P1/S3-4 (23DEC77 is the date of birth, P1 is the passenger number and S3-4 are the flight segment numbers)

Kulula.com (MN) has adopted the standard APIS entry and only requires the DOB for check-in:
SRDOCS MN HK1—–30JUN73-M–SMITH-DAVE/P1 (30JUN73 is the date of birth, M is the gender, SMITH-DAVE is surname and first name and P1 is the passenger number)