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We would like to broach an important theme today that is likely to fascinate and speak to travel agents, as it can save them time and money. We will be discussing the Amadeus offers module.

Amadeus Offers is used to create professional offers for your corporate clients in particular, but also to any other client of your agency. A few years ago, preparing an offer was an important part of the travel agent’s job. Today with Amadeus offers, travel agents can create offers and send it to their customer in no time. These offers are created from a PNR.

In this post, we will see two types of offers: Air and Hotel.

1. How to create an offer?

A / Air type offer
1- To do this, create your PNR with all the formats you already know (NM, AP, TK, AN, SN, FXD) etc., sell the seats (SS, FXZ1, FXU etc.); you can find the price you want with the usual formats for example: FXR or FXB
2- FXX (essential step to create the offer).
3- OFS / A: The letter A for Air is not obligatory. One can simply enter OFS to create the offer.

There is an option called (MarkUp) which allows you to create an offer by adding the service charge: ex OFS / A / MK-XX or OFS / MK-XX (xx: here represents the amount of the service charge or service charge. The Markup (MK) is added at the time of the offer.
The resulting offer is displayed with the RTOF entry.

The sold segments are returned to the offer section and the rates are stored in the Price Quotation Record (PQR). By displaying the PNR with RT, an OFR indication appears. This indication remains even after the cancellation of the offers. This behaves in the same way as a TST whose mark remains in the PNR after its cancellation by TTE.

Regarding the MarkUp, the amount is visible in the offer under the tariff but is fully integrated into it. This means that it remains invisible to your client even if you send him the offer by email.

B / Hotel type offer
The steps for creating a Hotel offer are about the same as those of an Air offer. Let’s look at them again: elements of the PNR – availability – selection – creation of the offer. There are only formats to use that differ a bit. Here is an example

1- the 5 mandatory elements of the PNR or just the name first
2- HAPAR23DEC-25DEC (availability)
3- HA1 (Selection Hotel 1 on the list)
4- FSO / H4 (creation of the offer with the price 4)
5- RFxx; ER (to save the Hotel offer in the PNR)

2. How to check an offer?

Verification makes it possible to know if the offer is still available or not but also if the price has changed or not. For this, you must first display the offer with RTOF then OFV1 (to check offer number 1). You can see either: OFFER PROPERLY CHECKED, THE TARIFF CONDITIONS HAVE CHANGED OR OFFER UNAVAILABLE.

3. How to send an offer by mail?

The backup precaution (RFxx; ER) is necessary before any action to send your offer. Proceed as follows:

Without APE in the PNR:
OFN-EML-email address: to send all the offers of your PNR
OFN-EML-mail address / O1: to send only offer 1 if there are several
OFN-EML-adress mail / O1,3: to send offers 1 and 3.

With APE in the NRP
OFN: to send all PNR offers
OFN / O1: to send only offer number 1
OFN / O1,3: to send offers 1 and 3

You can also specify the language in which you want your customer to receive the example offer: OFN / LPFR (to send the offer in French).

4. How to display the details of an offer

TQQ / O1: to display the details of the Air offer
TQQ / O1 / Q2: to view details of the passenger Q2 air offer if several types of passengers.
RPD1: to display the details of the Hotel offer

5. How to confirm an offer?

The OFK entry is used to confirm an offer. You type OFK1 to confirm the offer 1. We notice the brand OFFER CONFIRMED by displaying the offer with RTOF but also that in the PNR, the flight segments have returned.

6. How to cancel one or more offers?

The format to cancel an offer is the same as that used for another PNR element: XE
XE1: to cancel the offer 1
XE1,3: to cancel offers 1 and 3
XE1-3: to cancel offers from 1 to 3.

In summary, you can see that managing an offer with Amadeus is a very simple operation. The benefits for travel agencies are huge. You can expect gains in productivity and customer satisfaction among others. I encourage you to use this solution today to improve your productivity and achieve your goals of satisfaction and customer loyalty.