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In today’s world, it’s important for travel agents to be able to deliver instant alerts to their travellers via SMS or e-mail for flight changes and flight status updates.

Amadeus recently launched Amadeus Travel Alerts Notifier – ATAN – to help travel agents do just that. The solution allows travel agents to guarantee peace of mind for travellers with e-ticket reminders, sent automatically and in real-time.

There are two options available for travel agents: a free option and a billable option.


The free option of ATAN offers a limited number of only e-mail notifications. Branding capabilities are limited, as the free version is sponsored by advertising.

The standard ATAN option offers all notification by either e-mail or SMS as well as the opportunity for the travel agent to add the travel agency’s branding to the notification.

Travel agents can choose from a vast array of notifications thanks to ATAN

Travel agents can automate customer support activity and increase their productivity. They can save valuable time as no manual action is needed to trigger notifications.