Amadeus at your service!
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Did you know that Amadeus is in more countries than McDonald’s? With so many local Amadeus people on the ground to support our customers, it can get a little confusing sometimes as to who to contact when. To make sure that your request is handled by the right team, here is a quick guide on who does what:

Helpdesk: This is the team that helps you when things go wrong or not working as designed. Getting an error response when trying to login? Struggling with a reissue? Can’t find your passengers booking in Communicator?  The helpdesk are there to help you find the answer and make sure that all is working properly. To contact them, you can phone or log a query through Service Hub and work within an SLA to make sure that you have the premium support you need.

Account Management: This is the team that you get to see face to face. They are there to help you with your commercial contract with Amadeus and that you have all the right tools you need for your business.  They will also help you with managing the customization of the tools that have your company details on them. Want to know more about Travel Alerts Notifier or Dynamic Travel Documents? Need to update your logo or address information on your itineraries? Your Account Manager will assist you and ensure the request is fulfilled.

We are passionate about serving you our customer and look forward to hearing from you. Amadeus at your service!