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“I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.” – Ernest Hemingway

One of the best things about the Amadeus Quality Managers (AQMs) is that everyone gets to benefit from their learning’s, including us here at Amadeus.

Yesterday Amadeus hosted a score of eager travel agents for yet another successful AQM workshop in Johannesburg.

We sat with Amadeus AQMs Sharon Stander from Bangy Travel and Madelein Rall from Pentravel Cresta and chatted to them about their key learning’s from the workshop and what it means to be an AQM.

1.    Knowledge sharing

Being an AQM means you get to share your knowledge and expertise with Amadeus and even better your fellow travel agents. AQM workshops are fantastic two-way conversations that allow for fantastic growth within the South African travel industry.

2.    Learning

The Amadeus GDS like any piece of technology is always changing and bettering itself. Being an AQM and attending the AQM workshops allows you to keep your knowledge of the system in check and up to date, which means you are always giving your clients the service they deserve.

3.    Empowering

AQM workshops allow you to take concrete structured information and knowledge back into the workplace. Not only will this empower you on a personal level,  it will help you reach new heights in your career as a travel professional.

4.    A personal touch

Being an AQM and attending the workshops means you are able to get to know the Amadeus team even better. AQMs are given personal attention to help benefit the industry as a whole.