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Is Gen Y more open towards travel agents?

It certainly seems so. Thanks to the stream of technological innovations in recent years, the value of human interaction skyrocketed. In this article we explore a variety of sources that discuss millennials’ attitude towards travel agents.

Generation X, Y or Z – plenty of books and papers are written on these artificial categories. Still, there is a lot of value in trend analysis. For instance: you can adjust your strategy based on cold, hard facts.

In this article, we zoom in on the 20- to 35-year-olds that make up Generation Y. How do they feel about travel agents? And what does the future hold for their travel consumption?

Let’s start with the good news:

Millennials love travel agents

Planning and booking your own vacation takes time. A lot of time. And time seems to be the primary reason why millennials are turning to travel agents. Other reasons include money, inspiration and customer service. Make sure your business promise reflects those wishes.

Travel agents trending with young vacationers

Amadeus has identified four exciting new ways to attract today’s hyper-connected digital native travellers, as millennials present a huge opportunity for travel retailers around the world.

Is your travel business ready for a generation of digital native travellers?  

Which type of travel agent attracts the most millennials?

Sure, there are plenty of reasons for young people with busy lives to outsource their vacations needs. But what does the data say you should do in order to convince them?

  • Stand out with flair
    26% fear that travel agents will offer a too touristy trip
  • Communicate digitally
    54% prefer emails for their travel updates.
  • Make sure they notice you
    38% says social media ads featuring fun places or special pricing will catch their eye.
  • Capitalize on a rising trend
    14% of millennials – compared to 6% of baby boomers and 7% of Gen X – claim that their first step is to contact a travel consultant.

You can download the entire study right here:

New Research Study: How Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers Feel About Travel Agents

Luxury cruises are hot – again

 Almost 25% of millennials have been on a cruise in the last 3 years. What?! Exactly. This study by the Cruise Lines International Association has plenty of surprises in store. Such as: “Travel agents are the most likely influencers of vacation-planning and decision-making for cruisers, who are twice as likely (70 percent) to use a travel agent when booking a vacation than non-cruisers (37 percent).”

Gen Y Seeks Luxury Cruises

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