Involuntary Reissue
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Amadeus Ticket Changer involuntary reissue allows you to perform automated re-issues for electronic tickets in involuntary rerouting/rebooking situations (e.g. flight number changes by an airline/flight cancelled by an airline….).

Airlines usually send PNRs to a queue (schedule change) in involuntary rerouting/rebooking/cancellation situations.

When a new flight is booked by an airline (and passenger accepts the change) you can process the reissue.

E.g. in strike situations an airline may give separate instructions and rules for involuntary reissues.

With FXI entry you can easily and quickly create an involuntary pricing. Amadeus Ticket Changer Involuntary pricing is manual (no guarantee) so should be used only by the airline request.

1) Price all unused segments needed for future transportation

Input e.g. FXI/S2-4

TST00002     MIKA22105 NH/27JAN M 4                  OD OULOUL                
   1.MATKAAJA/MAIJA MS                                                        
 1   OUL AY  360 N 10JUN 0600  OK NBA2FI               27JAN 1PC              
 2 X HEL AY 5905 N 10JUN 0745  OK NBA2FI               27JAN 1PC              
 3 O LHR AY 3126 R 13JUN 0730  OK RBA2FI               27JAN 1PC              
 4 X HEL AY  365 R 13JUN 1300  OK RBA2FI               27JAN 1PC              
FARE  R EUR     223.00                                                        
TX001 O EUR   119.00-YR   TX002 O EUR     5.01-DQ   TX003 O EUR     5.51-QU    
TX004 O EUR     3.60-XU   TX005 O EUR     4.14-ZX   TX006 O EUR    15.21-GB    
TX007 O EUR    28.90-UB                                                        
TOTAL   EUR       0.00                                                        
GRAND TOTAL EUR       0.00                                                    
I-10JUN17OUL AY X/HEL AY LON156.63AY X/HEL AY OUL81.79NUC238.42                
END ROE0.935287                                                                
 10.FE SKCHG NO CHNG/NON REF                                                  
 11.FM *M*0                                                                    
 12.FO 105-9119715209MIK27JAN17/00170170/105-91197152096E1*I                  
 13.FP O/INV                                                                  

NOTE! For some airlines tax amounts are updated with zero (0.00) amounts. Please update tax amounts manually if needed!

  • TST is in Reissue mode, No additional collection (TOTAL EUR 0.00).
  • I- at the beginning of fare calculation – Note: starting 28SEP17 indicator “I-” will change to “-S”.
  • *I at the end of Original issue (FO element)
  • Endorsement with text SKCHG
  • Form of payment in reissue mode (O/INV)
  • Stopovers (O) and connection (X) (elapsed time less than 24 hrs = X, more than 24 hrs = O)

*Fare basis, Not valid before, Not valid after and baggage allowance are created according IATA standards (Not valid before is empty.)

2)  Update/add (if needed) FE, SSR, OSI, RM…… according airline instructios, e.g.:


3) Issue the new e-ticket (e.g. TTP/T2)

Multiple ticket per passenger in a PNR

If needed, use ticket numbers (and passenger associations) to specify tickets to exchange, e.g.


More details

  • Amadeus Ticket Changer Involuntary pricing is manual (no guarantee) so should be used only by the airline request.
  • Can be used for all airlines.
  • Can be used for both individual and group PNRs.
  • Activation at an office id level. Please contact your local Amadeus representative.