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The chosen theme of the 15th Congress of FISAVET/AOC, which took place in Lomé from 03 to 06 December 2014, can be justified on a number of grounds.

For the executive chairman of the FISAVET/AOC, Prince Emmanuel Ngassa Happi, after celebrating the FISAVETs 20 years of existence last year, this 15th Congress is “ an opportunity to evaluate the actions so far and to lay the foundations for a fresh start and moreover to find ways and means of allowing development innovations to avoid the death of the travel agent profession.

“Indeed, at the time of the federation’s maturity, it is time to reflect and find efficient solutions… to address technological developments and the lasting financial crisis”.

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Acknowledging the Togolese hospitality, the chairman of the Congress Organizing Committee, M.Léonde Diarra, also chairman of APVT-BF, agreed, saying that travel agents’ future safety will come from their capacity to adapt” to their environment. Supporting this view, M. Raoul Symenouh, chairman of UTAVOT, added, “today more than yesterday, travel agents must be more receptive to the requirements of their clients who want high quality service at a tolerable cost.”

Amadeus CWA took the opportunity offered by the 15th Congress to remind all that innovation is at the heart of their business and to present a wide range of solutions allowing travel agents to adapt and better respond to travellers’ requirements by:

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  • Allowing them to have Mobile applications throughout their voyage such as CheckMyTrip Mobile Companion and Amadeus e-Travel Management Mobile
  • Offering them more than air content in particular thanks to Amadeus Content Store, which offers a large choice of hotels at unbeatable prices.

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FISAVET/AOC: Fédération Inter-Etats des Syndicats d’Agences de Voyage et de Tourisme de l’Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre (Inter-State Federation of Travel Agents and Tourism Unions of Central West Africa)
APVT-BF: Association des Professionnels du Voyage et du Tourisme au Burkina Faso (Association of the Professionals of Travel and Tourism of Burkina-Faso)
UTAVOT : Union Togolaise des Agences de voyage et du Tourisme (Togolese Union of Travel and Tourism Agents)


Sources : Amadeus, journal du 15e Congrès de la FISAVET/AOC