Stress Triggers
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Business travellers today are more stressed than ever before. In fact, they are so stressed that global industry platform Skift came up with a brand new name for this phenomenon: permanxiety – a permanent state of anxiety experienced across the world.

For business travellers, flight delays, lost luggage, language barriers, technology failure (for example, being unable to set up devices or get connected) and personal safety (including accidents and injury) are just some of the concerns they are facing, according to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA).

The good news is that with the right travel partner, knowledgeable support, clever tech and a few nifty hacks, permanxiety can be avoided.

Here are four of the most common stress triggers for business travellers with some tips on how you can help your clients overcome or even prevent these stress situations.

1. Last-minute changes

A meeting has run late. The business negotiations last longer than expected. Last-minute changes are not uncommon when travelling for work, but they can cause a lot of anxiety.

While making the initial flight, accommodation and transport bookings might be quick and easy, it can take business travellers a considerable amount of time to cancel and rebook flights and adjust their entire itinerary.

Thanks to Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC), travel agents can now make changes and re-issue e-tickets within minutes. The system automatically calculates new fares for ticket exchanges and re-issues, so you can assist clients in real-time, eliminating the stress of last-minute changes.

2. Airport Anxiety

Stress triggersAirport anxiety is an unfortunate reality, with concerns about flight delays, lack of sleep, jet lag and fear of flying keeping many a traveller up at night.

And while it is hard to ease the some of the ‘pain points’, being well informed will go a long way to ease some of this anxiety. CheckMyTrip is a perfect tool for travel agents and travellers to ‘stay in the know’.

The app offers timely updates regarding air travel, such as delays, cancellations, and terminal changes in the flight itinerary display through push and e-mail notifications, which will save you and your client time and effort.

As travel agents, you get to stay organised by adding trip details to your own calendars so that you are able to keep travellers up-to-date while they are travelling. You will also be able to view all details of the trip – from flight to hotel, car rental and rail – in a single view.

3. Personal Safety

Safety remains top of mind for business travellers across the globe. In most countries, employers have a legal and ethical duty of care to their employees, which means they should take all reasonable steps to ensure employees’ health, safety and well-being.

To help corporations with this, Amadeus offers a Mobile Messenger solution that provides real-time assistance and disruption management wherever employees and travellers are. Corporations can monitor the safety and well-being of travellers throughout their trip and anticipate their needs and take immediate action when needed.

4. Complicated Tech

Meeting new people, jitters before difficult presentations or pressure around securing new business can all add to the stress of business travel. If the online booking tool is complicated, this can add considerably to the stress levels.

Amadeus Online Corporate Traveller provides a complete offer of content available in an intuitive booking platform. The solution is fully integrated with the Amadeus system, making your business travel as easy as booking your next holidays.

With Amadeus Online Corporate Traveller, travel agents and their clients combine the strength of end-to-end optimisation with global content, trusted technology and a strong user experience. Booking a business trip can be as easy as booking your next holidays.

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