Self-booking tools
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In today’s global economy, competition between corporations is intense.  In order to grow their business nationally and beyond, employee travel is essential.  As many of us have experienced, travel can be disrupted by geopolitical instability and natural disasters.

In this context, corporations face two challenges:

  • cost efficient employee travel, ensuring traveller satisfaction along the way, and
  • reassurance that their employees will be cared for in the event of any disruptions

The rise of self-booking tools

That’s why they are now demanding competitive and flexible booking solutions.  They expect to automate simple trips so that their Travel Management Company (TMC) or travel agency can focus on providing support on more complex travel and provide in-trip assistance when needed.

Even though business travellers have time-bound, hard objectives which place limitations on how they travel, corporations need to enforce travel policies that will help them maximise the value they get from their providers.

TMCs and travel agencies can fulfil these needs by incorporating self-booking tools (SBTs) into their offering.  Once implemented, a self-booking tool (online and/or mobile) allows for the planning, booking and approval process of a trip, from anywhere and at any time, within the travel policies of the corporation.

By helping the corporation automate simple travel, TMCs and travel agencies can focus their skills on more high-value travel management.  This allows them to differentiate their services and become more competitive in the marketplace.

How Amadeus can help

At Amadeus, our mission is to empower organisations and individuals alike to make personalised travel simple, stress free and rewarding.  We provide technology that enables both complex trip management and self-service for simple trips, focusing on the traveller and the user experience, as well as access to global travel content needed to book trips end-to-end.

Our self-booking solutions enforce compliance to travel policies, provide travellers with the best experience and can be integrated into your own IT environment.

If you’re interested in discovering more about business travel, you can check out our Managed Travel 3.0 white paper.

If you would like to learn more about our self-booking solutions, contact your local Amadeus representative.