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Amadeus Direct Access provides you with direct access to the reservation systems of major airlines. Using standard Amadeus entries, you can sell space from the airline’s system and receive an immediate confirmation when you end the transaction. Flights can be sold even if they are on a request basis or showing waitlist status on other types of displays.

Because you are accessing the airline’s inventory database directly, Amadeus has no influence over what is sent by the airline.

There are two ways to display Direct Access availability:

  • By using the Direct Access availability format
  • From an Amadeus Availability display

To display Direct Access availability, you enter a prefix, 1xx (xx = the two-character airline code), and the standard Amadeus format to display Availability by Departure. For example:


Component Identifies
1DL 1 and then the 2-letter airline code
AD10JUNLOSATL Availability request


For more information on direct access entries refer to the Amadeus Help pages HE DIRECT, then look for GENERIC ENTRIES

To check if an airline offers a direct access availability,

Enter: HEDIRxx where xx is the airline code

When you know that the airline has a Direct Access agreement with Amadeus, possible entries to obtain direct information of the airlines using Amadeus system shall be displayed from the help entry above