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Does your customer want to stay at a luxury hotel with a spa? Or do they prefer a boutique establishment where they’ll be able to sample local food? Being a travel seller today is about creating the best possible experience for your clients – whatever their unique definition of ‘best’ might be.

To achieve this level of personalisation for your clients, it’s important you master the art of effortlessly up-selling and cross-selling. For example, your customer might have requested the mountain view room simply because they didn’t realise just how affordable the ocean view room was. By suggesting an upgrade, you will not only boost your own revenue and bottom line, you will also add value to your customer’s holiday.

Unfortunately, offering unique and customised solutions for each of your clients can be a time-consuming and labour-intensive task. Market studies have shown that travel agents visit up to 15 different websites to find the right hotel for their clients.

What if we could offer you a solution that would allow you to upsell and cross-sell at the click of a button on one dedicated shopping site?

Amadeus Hotels & Amadeus Cars offers you access to a world of properties, rooms and car rental options from one integrated shopping window that you will be able to access from anywhere on any device. You will have all the cool tools you need at your fingertips to maximise cross-sell opportunities for hotels and cars with flights.

At Amadeus, we know that together we can do things smarter and make more money with hotels and cars.

Why Amadeus Hotels?

If you are wasting valuable time searching multiple hotel channels to compare rates and offers before making a booking, then Amadeus Hotels has the answer for you.

A centralised shopping window with a wide and diverse range of Hotel content, Amadeus Hotels provides real-time availability for 310 hotel chains, 800,000+ unique hotel properties and 3.5 million hotel shopping options, giving you everything you could possibly need in one place.

You will be able to filter and compare results on features such as price, amenities and estimated earnings, and show the results to your clients through a beautiful graphic display.

Once your client makes a decision, the information is seamlessly transferred to the mid- and back-office.

Why Amadeus Cars?

Travellers today are increasingly looking to their travel agent to provide them with a door-to-door travel experience. Should you suggest public transport, transfers, airport links, coaches, boats,…?

The multitude of choices available can be a bit overwhelming and confusing for both the traveller and for you, the travel agent. Luckily, our team of car rental experts work round the clock in markets across the world (with insights into over 42,000 locations) to keep you and your customer base in touch with the best car rental offers, delivering information that helps them (and you) make informed decisions.

Amadeus Cars is easy to use and allows you to search, book and complete car rental bookings in seconds. You will get instant access to extensive global and local content from more than 50 car rental providers across 3000 cities in 194 markets around the world. Better still, you will receive up to 15% commission per booking from providers.

The fully automated business processes enable active segment creation in your PNRs with full mid and back-office integration.