Spring Day
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Today, 01 September, is Spring Day in South Africa. The trees are budding, the temperatures are rising, the animals are coming out of their winter hideouts, and South Africans everywhere are dusting off their ‘braai tongs’ and preparing for a new season of crisp air, warm sun, outdoor living, swimming, and… new beginnings.




Pentravel consultants have gone all out this Spring Day! They decorated their shops in bright colours, welcoming clients to the new Spring…


Tania Lloyd – Travel Consultant Sure Giltedge Travel

Happy Spring everyone! For me, Spring Day is about getting rid of all your clutter – that is how I will be celebrating it. Out with the old!


We will be clearing our cupboards. I noticed that we have so many clothes and stuff around the house that we don’t wear or use, so we will be donating our ‘clutter’ to our Church. There are so many people that are not as fortunate as we are. I also believe that if your home is feeling “lighter” you as person will also feel “lighter”.

So, let’s get rid of all the negative energies and start Spring on a positive note.

Jannine Adams – Amadeus Southern Africa

 On Spring Day in South Africa, the atmosphere is vibrant and people celebrate by dressing in bright and fresh colours. People are starting to look forward to their summer holidays and are making plans. For the travel industry, this is an exciting time: it’s the time to make people’s travel dreams come true.


Spring also symbolises the time of exciting new beginnings. Travel technology today is all about change and improvements. At Amadeus, we have many exciting new technologies. Amadeus Selling Platform Connect for example will allow travel agents to make the most of the warmer spring days while still being available 24/7 for their clients.