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Amadeus has grown from strength to strength in 2017 and we look forward to a highly successful 2018.

Together with our travel agency clients, we celebrated our 30th anniversary across Africa last year. We looked back on our achievements and we shared our ambitions with you to reach even greater heights in the years to come.

We couldn’t have done it without you!

That’s why our GMs from across the continent would like to address you:

Central West Africa – Ernesto Mullor

 Ernesto Mullor

Ernesto Mullor, Amadeus General Manager for Central and West Africa, says the biggest accomplishment of Amadeus in 2017 in Central West Africa was the successful roll-out of Selling Platform Connect to almost 100% of travel agencies in the region.

For 2018, Ernesto says he would like to see the increase of online capabilities in Central West Africa as well as the launch of new payment solutions. “We are working with financial players in the region to bring new financial and payment solutions to the travel industry: to the airlines and to the travellers and the travel agencies,” he says.

Currently, Ernesto explains 99% of the transactions are done with cash. “That belongs in the 20th century, not in the 21st century.”

Ernesto’s wish for the travel industry? We are already seeing more regional airlines that offer more competition in the region and as a result better prices for travel within Africa. This increasing number of regional airlines will foster the travel industry in Africa and the development of African cities.

East Africa – Mathieu Dutrisac

Mathieu Dutrisac

 On behalf of the entire team at Amadeus East Africa Team, Mathieu Dutrisac, GM Amadeus East Africa, would like to wish you, your families and staff members a happy and prosperous new year 2018.

He says: “Last year was another challenging year for our industry across the region with many interesting developments. In spite of the challenges we were able to successfully roll Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, a cloud-based solution that has considerably simplified the lives of travel agents.”

“Looking ahead to this year, while we anticipate more challenges, we do believe this year will be markedly better. Major election cycles are over, the global economy is on the rise and commodity prices have recovered significantly from the 2015-2016 through. All of this will support strong economic growth in the region and boost travel spending.”

“Travel agencies have evolved into fully fledged partners with the traveler by providing services at every stage: from pre- trip through to post- trip. My team and I remain committed to supporting your business and partnering with you, our travel agent customers, as you continue to adapt to the ever-changing customer and industry demands for transparency, automation, efficiency and duty of care.”

“We look forward to working closely with you all and supporting you to achieve your dreams and goals for 2018.”

Nigeria and Ghana – Yann Gilbert

“2018 looks very promising but of course, not without the usual challenges associated with the region.The industry is rapidly changing and Amadeus is positioned to support and nurture these changes,” says Yann Gilbert, GM Amadeus Nigeria and Ghana. 

“The plan is to remain a pioneer of value added technology and innovations which will drive growth and transformation of the travel industry.

 “We will continue to maintain dominance with the introduction of unique content like exclusivity/full content agreements with airlines, focus on retail,  major pipeline acquisitions and further strengthening our consolidators with unique product offerings.

 “Diversification is also key for the region and in 2018 and as a result, we will be actively promoting non air content with products like Amadeus Value Hotels/Hotel Multisource, mobile app, Insurance, B2B credit card/payment solutions, airport IT etc. 

 “Our ultimate goal is to increase profitability and grow market share and well as follow up on partnerships with regulators  that are committed to restructuring the industry.”

Southern Africa – Andy Hedley

 Amadeus GM for Southern Africa Andy Hedley has thanked clients across Southern Africa for their commitment and support in 2017.

“As a company, Amadeus is very committed to delivering what you need for your customers for the future. We’ve had a great few years, and we’re looking forward to a really bright future with all of you and us as your partners,” says Andy.

Africa – Paul de Villiers

Paul de Villiers, Vice President Africa at Amadeus IT Group, says the greatest accomplishment for Amadeus in 2017 has been the rolling out of Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, which has allowed the agent to work in an offline or online environment, remotely and even through mobile.

In 2018, Paul explains Amadeus will be looking at developing beyond the booking business with a special focus on payment solutions. He says: “In 2018, we’ll also be looking at further developing personalisation and merchandising. This not only allows the airlines to become more profitable, but also allows the travel agents to be very precise in satisfying the needs of their customers.”

Paul’s wish for the travel industry in Africa in 2018? My wish for 2018 is that the oil price reaches a point of equilibrium, which will allow the economies to thrive, but at the same time will not become punitive to airlines or to travellers.

“I wish for some economic stability and peace in the region as well as an Open Skies policy in Africa.”