Valentine's Day
Two hearts drawn on a sandy beach by the sea. Sunset view. Love symbol.
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Today, Valentine’s Day, is the day of heart-shaped chocolates, bouquets of flowers and Hallmark wish cards!

For those who forgot – the travel agent will come to the rescue. What better way to keep the romance alive than a last-minute romantic getaway?

There is something inherently romantic about travel. Just think about strolling past the Eiffel Tower in Paris in the evening, sipping wine under the Tuscan Sun or watching the African sunset with your loved one.

On this Valentine’s Day, Amadeus travel agents share some of the magic of the travel industry:

It’s all about passion and dedication – Joana Biney-Afful

For Joana Biney-Afful, Director General Doscar Travel and Tours in Accra, being a travel agent is about serving people with passion and dedication.

She says: “As a travel agent my commitment is to make dreams come true. Being an agent is a great opportunity to show others the beautiful places in the world with confidence, allowing them to have stories to tell for a long time.”

She adds that one of her favourite things about being a travel agent is that she gets to live vicariously through her client by hearing about their adventures all over the world.

The world is my oyster – Bukola Aliu

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CEO of Rock Springs Travel and Tours in Nigeria Bukola Aliu says she loves being an agent because she gets to plan trips for customers to different part of the world. “This also helps me to know and learn more about these places. Especially with cities I’ve never heard of before, I feel a great excitement,” she says.

“Organising my clients’ trips gives me great joy as I feel as if I’m on the trip with them. The fact that I help put a smile on their faces makes me feel fulfilled as an agent. I wouldn’t trade that for anything.”


Who wouldn’t love a challenge? – Rachael Penaluna


For Rachael Penaluna, Business Manager Sure Maritime Travel in South Africa, the variation of her career makes her happy.

“I love the content and volatility of my work, I never know what the next day will hold!” she says.

Meeting new people every day – Michelle du Toit

“I love that we are constantly meeting new people, each with their own story,” Michelle du Toit, Travel Advisor for Pentravel, explains. The fact that she learns something new every day also makes being a travel agent a career she loves.

Changing people’s lives through travel – Nicole Coetzer

Pentravel’s Nicole Coetzer loves the fact that as a travel consultant she can change people’s lives. She says: “We literally are involved in a life changing event of our clients’ lives . We are forever changed by travel and we get to share that opportunity with our customers.”

Nicole adds that in the travel industry, every single day is different. “We are never bored and our minds are constantly tested with new information and challenges.”

Making dreams come true – Siobhan Beyers

Although Pentravel Shop Manager Siobhan Beyers warns it might sound cliché, she says she LOVES making people’s dreams come true. “I also love hearing the feedback and seeing the clients’ pictures upon their return.”

Siobhan adds she also LOVES working in travel as it means working alongside like-minded individuals.