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Amadeus users can and should enhance the security of the Amadeus Selling Platform Connect system through the introduction of a one-time password (OTP). This OTP can be sent either via SMS or via e-mail.


This kind of OTP authorisation is required when cookies and temporary internet files are cleared; when an IT setup is done to automatically clear cookies and temporary internet files on a recurring basis; or when a specific browser/device does not access Selling Platform Connect in 30 consecutive days. Remember that OTPs are sent at a maximum of 3 per hour.

Always check the ‘junk folder’ in your mailbox if you fail to receive your OTP.

Encrypted Product Credentials

 As part of the PCI/DSS compliance, all user credentials are to be sent by encryption email for products such as (RTS, Communicator etc.). Messages are kept in a secure server until opened and downloaded by the recipient.

The user is instructed to delete the email permanently once decryption has taken place.

There are two phases to the process. Each phase includes an email containing specific information. The first email gives instructions on how to handle the information in the second email which contains the actual user credentials.