Amadeus e-Power
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Access the right tools, content and personalisation to expand your online presence and attract more customers.

Amadeus e-Power makes it fast and easy for travellers to navigate and book travel on your travel agency site on any device. You will be able to offer exceptional airline, car and hotel content and provide travellers with the fares and options they need most, including chargeable seats and bags.

Amadeus e-Power is available as different modules, depending on your requirements.

e-Power Starter

Amadeus e-Power Starter is an entry-level product. Although inexpensive, it is a complete online booking solution. A travel agency has a choice of designs and styles. It is configured and setup using the e-Power administration tool. It is the simplest solution for customers looking for an out-of-the-box website which uses a predesigned user interface.

e-Power Premium

Amadeus e-Power Premium is a comprehensive and powerful online distribution solution. Its interface can be customised using design wizards and cascading style sheets (CSS). It is configured and set up using hundreds of parameter settings within the simple-to-use e-Power administration tool. This product has a large number of features and is fully customisable.

e-Power Web Services

Amadeus e-Power Web Services is a more flexible way to access the portal, as opposed to using the graphical user interface. If this service is activated, the portal is delivered without the graphical user interface.

e-Power Consolidator

This module allows consolidators (wholesalers) to offer an online distribution platform to their non-IATA sub-agencies by using a B2B distribution channel.