Amadeus Support
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Do you have any questions, requests or problems you want Amadeus to solve for you? Do you need Amadeus Support?

Instead of sending an e-mail and starting a long thread of answers and questions between Amadeus and yourself, consider logging an online case. An online case is simply an electronic record of your query, request or incident that is logged via Amadeus Service Hub.

The benefits of logging an online case are numerous. Not only are you in full control of your query, but you can also be sure that your query will NEVER be missed. You won’t ever have to look for the right e-mail address anymore, and you’ll have an easy overview of all the cases logged from your office, which you can then use for training purposes.

Not sure how to go about logging an online case?

You can just follow these 3 easy steps to Amadeus Support.

Step 1: Search for the solution to your query

Step 2: You can click on ‘next’ to get a list of possible solutions

Step 3:  Contact Amadeus Support

 You can click on the solution and if you are not happy with the solution, you can click on ‘contact support’

Log and enquiry/request or incident

 You can now either log an enquiry or request or you can log an incident

  • Enquiry/Request: When you have a question or requesting an Office update
  • Incident: When you receive an error response, or something is not working the way it should

To Log an enquiry or request:

Click “Next”, then “My Solution is not here”

There are different headings for the different responsible teams.

Here you can select a template relating to your query

Click ‘Update Agency Contact Details’

You can now specify the urgency of your query. Please note however that the misuse of level 2 – Serious priority level – may result in the removal of this option.

Get your Case Number

After you click ‘next’, you will be assigned a case number. Complete the Template provided and provide as much information as possible.

Upload Attachments

For Example, the PNR synchronisation email will have to be attached for Amadeus to process the update.

Confirm your Office ID and Contact Details

Update this field if you are going on leave or you will be leaving the office and someone else would need to be updated on the progress of the case.

Managing Cases

Do you want to have a handy overview of the cases you or your company has logged?

Click on ‘Online Requests’ or ‘Contact Support’

A list of all your cases will be displayed – Click on the Case number – Export to excel

Action within a case

You can add an update and respond to support, or you can request closure (when your query, enquiry or incident is resolved).  It’s also possible to still attach files.