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We have, and he works right here at the Amadeus East Africa Office in Nairobi.

We all know that the backbone of every business function is the Finance department. They hold the purse strings to making everything happen. And sometimes, we mistake finance people for being unadventurous especially in the exciting world of travel. In a bid to shake up this misconception we had a quick-fire round with Livingstone Katingima, Finance & Administration Manager in the Kenya office.

Describe yourself in one word:

Daring: I’m always willing to go to the next level.

Livingstone Katingima, Finance & Administration Manager

Favorite app used every morning:

First on my to do list is to go on to the BBC News site and catch up on all the global news every morning.

Tea or Coffee?

Tea, which is now my morning ritual. My father was a coffee farmer and growing up there was a lot of partaking of coffee. There was an unlimited supply. Eventually I got tired of it and switched to tea.

What did you last read?

Hitler and Churchill- Secrets of Leadership by Andrew Roberts

A fascinating book that gives you an insight on the leadership styles exercised by two very iconic people , Hitler and Churchill, during the 2nd world war. The book sets the stage for understanding how two very different people were able to apply common leadership principals and end up with completely different outcomes. The book is thought provoking and is relevant in today’s world.

Speaking of insight, name one person who inspired you?

Martin Luther King: He ate, slept and lived for what he believed in!!!! The dedication, passion and belief in civil liberties.

What’s your must watch movie recommendation?

The Matrix Trilogy.

Science fiction movie about heroes who fight a desperate war against machine overlords who have imprisoned humanity in an extremely high-tech virtual reality system. The story line of this movie would appear rudimentary at first but then evolves into a complex plot that leaves you with a million questions by the end of it.

Since you describe yourself as daring, what can we expect you to be doing on weekends?

Livingstone racing with other friends

The love biking begun when I first heard of Valentino Rossi, world champion motorcycle racer. He was epitome of motorcycle racing at Moto GP and he was the guy everyone knew. My interest grew and I knew that at some point I would have to own one of my own The tipping point for me was when a friend of mine one day came to visit me at my house on a motorcycle. The moment I saw this, I knew it was time to get myself one. It’s now been 12 years of exciting, adventurous and liberating riding.



All about the African travel…

What makes you proud to be African:

  • Diversity, we have a huge number of tribes who practice different cultures. In Kenya alone, we have 44 tribes and the diversity and culture is out of this world.
  • Community in terms of the willingness to talk to each other, smile at each other or volunteering to help out. If there’s one thing we Africans can be good at is uniting as one.
Riders face on ~ AKA Daring

My favorite place on the continent:


What’s on your travel wish list?

First place is Brazil as the culture fascinates me, they are generally very welcoming people so it would be great to see and experience a different and vibrant culture.

Second place is the Circuit of Americas located in Texas, to watch one of the most exciting Moto GP races.

One frustrating thing about travel?

The number of restrictions imposed during travel are what I would want to change the most.

Immigration checks!!! Don’t you just wish you could avoid it?!

Window or aisle?

Aisle! First and most important, you don’t spend your flight time standing up to let others pass. Secondly, looking out the window tends to slow down time and sets the mood for deep thoughts about life in general

Amadeus would not be Amadeus if we didn’t ask;

First memory at Amadeus:

Big office, very few people and the dress code, smart-casual.

Livingstone dreaming about his future whilst playing the guitar.

Current project keeping you on your feet…

Budget 2018 as the budget season is very hectic. Trying to consolidate numerous pieces of information from different segments of the business into one view can be challenging. . It takes time, needs collaborative effort and a lot of focus.