Ethiopian Airlines
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By Maher Koubaa, Vice President Airlines, Middle East, Turkey and Africa

Did you hear the news? Ethiopian Airlines has significantly extended its partnership with Amadeus.

For you, the travel agent, this means you now have access to the airline’s best available fares for indirect channels via Amadeus, allowing you to create the most competitive travel packages for your travellers.

You can count on having access to the broadest range of the airline’s content and services from the comfort of Amadeus Selling Platform Connect.

And we’d like to remind you that Ethiopian Airlines also offers guaranteed fare rules for voluntary changes with Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC). Thanks to ATC, you can continue to significantly reduce Airline Debit Memos (ADMS), and handle complex cases of partially flown tickets or multi-passenger type changes all at once, quickly and efficiently.

Ethiopian Airlines’ renewed commitment with Amadeus is a true testament to the confidence the airline has in the value that travel agencies bring to the airline’s business. You are an integral part of the Ethiopian Airlines’ strategy for future growth!

From our side, at Amadeus, we are committed to offering you the content you need to stay ahead of the game. We’ll continue to work towards signing more and relevant carriers to make your business thrive.