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Emirates is offering travellers more choice and personalised travel experiences by making advanced seat reservation available through the Amadeus distribution channel. Advanced seat reservation allows travellers to select their seat at the time of purchase. With this ancillary services implementation, Emirates is also able to add new and exciting services to its catalogue, so travel agents can serve their customers’ broadest needs and add even further value to their overall travel journey.
Having also recently launched its branded fares in the Amadeus distribution channel, Emirates now has the tools to differentiate its brand, maximise sales and engage with travellers and travel agents in new and innovative ways through the world’s largest and most diverse travel community.
Emirates is the 91st airline for which Amadeus Airline Ancillary Services has been implemented in the Amadeus distribution channel, with a total of 128 airlines currently signed-up to the industry-leading solution. Deployed worldwide, including all IATA BSP markets, and fully integrated end-to-end, Amadeus Airline Ancillary Services has been delivering real results for airlines, travel agents and travellers, with a 70% increase in ancillaries sold during 2016.