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As the industry continues its evolution to a paperless environment, we’re working closely with all of our travel agency partners to ensure a smooth and seamless transition to the new electronic technology.

Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) is the new industry standard method for booking and travel management solutions. It enables you to issue documents for travel related services and to collect on unbundled services. EMD is fully integrated into the Amadeus system. This solution will give you automatic reporting in sales reports and integration with back office systems via the AIR file.

There are two types of EMD:
• EMD-S (EMD Standalone) which fully replaces Automated/Virtual MCO e.g. vouchers
• EMD-A (EMD Associated) which is directly linked to an individual flight coupon e.g. for meals, excess baggage etc.

Booking a service that must be priced creates the EMD. There are 2 ways to book the services:
• SSR (Special Service Request) for flights associated services

Follow these steps to book an Auxiliary Service using ATC and EMD-S (Standalone)

Step 1: Update the PNR with the new flight details
Step 2: Use ATC entry to price. The entry is: FXQ or FXE
Step 3: An SVC element will automatically appear in the PNR with the penalty service code
Step 4: Add form of payment. The entry is: TMI/FP-CASH
Step 5: Display a TSM. The entry is: TQM
Step 6: Issue ticket and EMD. The entry is: TTP/T1/TTM

Follow these steps to book an SSR service EMD-A (EMD Associated)

Step 1: Create PNR and price and store the TST.
Display the catalogue of SSR services offered by the airline. The entry is: FXK
Step 2: To book the SSR service use SR entry. The entry is: SRABAG
Step 3: Price the SSR service this entry prices and creates the TSM. The entry is: FXG
Step 4: Add form of payment for the EMD-A. The entry is: TMI/FP-CASH
Step 5: Issue ticket and EMD. The entry is: TTP/T1/TTM/M2

Our team shared great insights on this product solution at the AQM workshops, you can find out more about it here: AQM Workshop 2013

Has your travel agency switched to EMD, how has this solution helped your business?