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Do you speak NDC? Take this short quiz to find out.

NDC is changing our travel distribution. Test your knowledge in our short and fun NDC quiz!

What is NDC?

1. A new distribution channel for flight offers
2. A data standard for flight bookings
3. A navigation concept for web-based applications in the aviation sector

What does NDC do?

1. NDC standardises the transfer of travel data between airlines, travel sellers, businesses and technology providers.
2. NDC prevents cross-industry collaboration between too many partners and focuses on a business model.
3. NDC is an invention of the airlines, to make flights only bookable via Direct Connect.

What change does NDC bring?

1. The airline provides availability, tariffs and fare rules: and the GDS combines them into bookable offers.
2. In the offer and order process, airlines now create complete packages that travel agents can offer and book for their customers. The airline now also provides travel agents with customer-specific recommendations.
3. The airline system provides five proposals for flight packages that can be freely combined.

What is Rich Content?

1. Particularly exclusive and expensive flight offers in unusual destinations, which can be targeted and offered to demanding customers and with which travel agencies can increase their sales in a simple manner.
2. Flight offers, which always include access to the Airport lounge with unlimited free cocktails.
3. Offers enriched with photos, videos and descriptive information to help increase bookings and differentiation for airlines.

What is a key advantage of NDC?

1. Personalised offers are possible. These offers can include matching additional services.
2. The customer receives a pure flight offer without frills.
3. The customer receives no differentiated offers - equality for all!

Did the creators of the NDC concept consider the traveller?

1. No, the airlines have the advantage and want to be able to sell more, easier and direct to the customer.
2. No, it's only about technical aspects and the availability of the offer. It has nothing to do with customer service at this point.
3. Yes, you will be able to offer the more demanding customer more service and a travel experience tailored to their needs.

What are the advantages for the travel agent?

1. As a result of the changes, each transaction will be confirmed as valid by the airline at the time of booking and rebooking. This means mistakes can only be made from the airline’s side. Travel agencies no longer have to deal with ADMs.
2. Unfortunately, there are absolutely no advantages for travel agents. The traveler will be offered more opportunities, but this doesn’t mean more sales for the travel agent.
3. Since each traveler is entitled to only one standard offer, there is no effort with ancillary services and the consulting effort is reduced to a minimum. Additional services can only be purchased directly at the airport counter.

How and when will NDC content come to the travel agencies?

1. During the second half of 2019, NDC content will be available through Amadeus Selling Platform Connect through Amadeus All Fares.
2. Before 2021, travel agents won’t have access to NDC. After that, there will be additional fees for each NCD-based offer.
3. At the moment, no statement is possible, as Amadeus is not yet fully Level 3 certified.

Will the entire travel world only be speaking NDC?

1. Yes, either or: Either an airline has no or only NDC-based offers.
2. No, the way to 100 percent NDC is still far off. By 2020, the current 21 airlines in the "NDC Leader Board" plan to handle about 20 percent of their indirect sales via NDC.
3. Yes, because the effort for an airline to switch to NDC is minimal. Around 480 airlines are available in Amadeus. They will have switched all offers to NDC from 2020 onwards.

What does NDC have to do with the new Live Travel Space and the Amadeus Travel Platform?

1. The Amadeus Travel Platform (the centerpiece of the Live Travel Space) will be able to display all relevant content from all sources, including NDC interface flights.
2. The Amadeus Travel Platform (as the purely flight-based section of the Live Travel Space) will only handle NDC-based content.
3. The Amadeus Travel Platform is a virtual solution that operates without standardised data formats and operates independently of Live Travel Space. The platform provides travel distribution through intelligent robotic solutions independent from the content selection of preferred airlines and sorts offers with poor customer rating rigorously.

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Do you speak NDC? Take this short quiz to find out.

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