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Personalisation is not just a buzzword, it is one of the main trends that is likely to shape the future of travel in years to come.

Whether you’re an airline, hotel, travel agent or travel manager, understanding how to better extract customer insights from data will remain key for success, says Giles Trantoul, VP Strategy for Travel Channels at Amadeus .

More and more travellers now want a personalised experience. Companies that want to succeed must anticipate these traveller needs, understand previous challenges, and proactively address these challenges using data, analytics and business intelligence.

Although some players have already improved the customer experience through significant investment in artificial intelligence and analytics, we’ve yet to see this applied at every step of the customer journey.

Why is trip personalisation so important?

Knowing travellers’ needs and requirements has become a non-negotiable. However, for true personalisation, this key traveller information is only half of the equation, according to Santiago Fernandez, Account Director, Airlines – Americas, Amadeus. Forming relationships is the other half.

The hotel concierge who remembers your name … the store clerk who knows your favourite colours … and the restaurant host who saves your special table. These types of gestures build relationships and keep customers coming back.

What does the traveller actually want?

The traveller wants to be guaranteed consistency throughout his travel experience, and expects a seamless journey throughout their trip. In many cases, this comes down to communication, explains Fernandez.

Travellers want to be proactively informed if their flight is delayed, whether they’ll make their connection, and if their luggage is there when they land. Personalisation isn’t just experienced the moment the traveller books the trip. It occurs throughout the journey: during the inspiration phase … through the stressful trek through the airport … during uncomfortable moments of disruption … on the actual plane ride … and everything that happens after the plane lands and the traveller arrives at their destination.

How can Amadeus help travel providers offer personalisation to their clients?

Amadeus is evolving to offer the travel industry a ‘Live Travel Space’ where all players can connect and collaborate to address the desires of travellers and provide them with a wide range of options at any given moment.

The Live Travel Space provides the biggest network of travel content for any type of travel seller -Travel Agencies , Corporations, metas, mobile applications… – through the Amadeus Travel Platform technology.

Decius Valmorbida, President Travel Channels,  Amadeus, explains: “We are creating a more personalised, connected and sustainable future of travel – we are redefining travel distribution. The Live Travel Space is the new present, and we welcome all players to join. We facilitate conversations in the industry, connecting technologies and unlocking new opportunities to make travel more rewarding.”

Today, thanks to the technology and knowledge already available in the industry, offering personalisation is no longer a dream. It’s possible and necessary to succeed.