Amadeus Ticket Changer
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At Amadeus we’re always looking for ways to make your working life easier, automating processes to help you complete those time consuming, manual tasks accurately and quickly.

Amadeus Ticket Changer is no different. As our automated suite of ticket reissue and refund products, it allows you to manage your customers’ change requests in a matter of minutes.

Whether you’re re-pricing, reissuing, or refunding a ticket or itinerary, Amadeus Ticket Changer does all the hard work for you – helping you to focus on providing your customers with an exceptional service.

Choose Amadeus Ticket Changer and soon you’ll be working a lot smarter, not harder with superhero powers

You’ll have super speed and be able to considerable shorten the time of reissues, saving up to 25 minutes per reissued ticket.

You’ll have super saver powers, which will allow you to significantly reduce ADMs…. or – dare we say it – eliminate them altogether.

You’ll have X-Ray vision, which will see you uncovering lucrative new service fee opportunities.

Amadeus will also give you the super strength you need to guarantee ticket reissues with over 130 airlines.

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Just by participating, you’ll also stand a chance to win one of five free yearly subscriptions to Netflix or Showmax!