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Sure Travel focuses on its future vision and Amadeus was there…

 Get ahead of the game, don’t let it get away from you. And one of the ways in which to get ahead is to improve your productivity and increase your bookings per agent through automation and doing more with what you have.

Sometimes it helps to look outside the industry for solutions to challenges we are facing within our industry. And there’s no need to reinvent the wheel either. You can steal an idea and make it work if it suits your particular context.

Within an increasingly commoditised environment, travel consultants have to differentiate themselves. They need to look at the customer, experience things in the way their customer would, and then manage that customer.

Those travel consultants who believe that they are losing sales to the Internet should focus on their differentiator – their knowledge and ability to understand where their customer’s needs are going.

Opportunities currently emerging for travel consultants are in the areas of virtual payment and expense reporting, information security, travel risk and business intelligence, drawing on the data you have at your disposal to make good decisions that help your customers.

Don’t make it about price because the customer is willing to pay more for consultation than for a transactional relationship. Let technology take over the transactional component of your job so you can focus on delivering true value throughout the travel journey.