Data Sharing
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Will the travel industry ever be able to work together in such a way that it is able to offer travellers a perfectly seamless and personalised travel experience?

Seamless travel and personalisation are two trends that are predicted to continue to disrupt the travel industry in the next decade, according to Amadeus’ latest study, What If? Imagining the future of the travel industry.

Jannine Adams unveils in an article on  BizCommunity how in the not-too-distant future, we can expect artificial intelligence to learn from the online behaviours of millions of people to mine data and to meet the needs of each traveller at every moment.

However, she warns that to achieve the ultimate level of personalisation and seamless travel, we would need to see cooperation between governments and data sharing between businesses, from airports and airlines to hotels, restaurants, ground transportation, and other destination services.

Only time will tell if we will be able to achieve this level of cooperation in the future.

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