Remote Ticketing Solution
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Amadeus Remote Ticketing Solution (RTS) is a complete and efficient way to manage sales across a travel agency network and benefit from cross-partner opportunities in an easy, secure and transparent way.

In this latest tip, I’ll tell you how to create or update a Remote Ticketing Solution Terminal:

1. Log in to RTS

2. Under Users – choose Terminals.

3. Under ‘Actions tab’ click on edit to update Existing Terminal information

4. To add a new Terminal Click on ADD

5. Under General Information Update/ Edit user information and save.

A few things are important to remember: 

If no email is registered in the profile, the user will get a warning message:
“Please contact the administrator to set email address”

If Terminal number does not correspond to the Log in, the user will get the
following error message: “Log in or Terminal not found”

After Three unsuccessful attempts, there will appear a CAPTCHA on the screen.

After Five unsuccessful attempts of password change and/or CAPTCHA inserting,
user’s IP address will be blocked.