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So many travellers, so many preferences.

For some, cruising is all the best bits of past travels rolled in to one trip, for others there is the misconception that cruising offers a limited experience, not catering to their specific needs and desires.

There are the obvious benefits that apply to all such as just unpacking once, the opportunity to visit multiple destinations in a short space of time and value for money -as just about everything is included in the price paid.

However, we decided to take a more in-depth look at how cruising can actually motivate and inspire each of the different traveller tribes in a unique and targeted way.

Simplicity Seekers – seeking a trusted partner

Ease and transparency is the name of the game for Simplicity Seekers.

As a rule the Simplicity Seeker prefer to outsource the decision making to trusted parties to avoid extensive research. This was quite evident in a recent report published by Cruise Line International Association, stating that 82% of those wanting to cruise tend to work with a travel agent when booking a cruise with the added benefit that cruises are easy to budget for, with meals and entertainment usually included in the price.

Cultural purists – ditching the ordinary

At the heart of this particular tribe is the desire to be immersed and captured in their travels, ultimately completely breaking out of their normal day to day routine.

Cruises in more ways than one cater for this tribe in the sense of the multiple cities visited and the opportunities to experience the different cultures through port calls and shore excursions. As an example; cruises to Alaska will for instance allow travellers to experience the destination the way that locals do through shore excursions such as dogsled rides in Juneau, or witnessing Misty Fjords aboard jet-powered catamarans in Ketchikan.

Social Capital Seekers – high-tech fun at sea

With Social Capital Seekers the emphasis very much falls on high-tech and social visibility.

The good news is that there is plenty of high-tech fun to be had at sea ranging from robotic bartenders to state-of-the-art gaming facilities. There is of course the added benefit of some of the best Instagram-worthy destinations where these travellers can take unusual or photographic selfies to share among their network.

Reward Hunters – all-around luxury

This tribe’s wish list consists of the exceptional and unique offerings and experiences.

From refined accommodations, elevated cuisine, exotic locales and, above all else, stellar service such as personal butlers and concierge service and exclusivity, a cruise will definitely tick the box for this tribe.

Obligation Seekers – purpose before pleasure

For this tribe it purpose before pleasure and a focus on efficiency and scheduled activities.

Cruises, when one really think about it, is truly ideal for this tribe with pretty much a consistent schedule running throughout the travel experience – planned dining times, onboard activities and shore excursions.

Ethical Travellers – let conscience guide

For this tribe, sustainability is key and ultimately their tourism spend should be used for a greater cause.

Cruise lines continue to make important strides to improve their environmental policies. Green technologies are being incorporated into newly built ships such as solar panels, advances in hull designs, cooking oil conversion systems and energy-efficient appliances. Most cruise lines also offer volunteer programmes allowing passenger to give back at sea.