Amadeus Selling Platform Connect
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If your clients are anything like most African road warriors, they’re probably swiping, dialling and tapping the latest smartphone and newest smartwatch.

They refuse to carry paper tickets, opting instead to saunter over to the security gates with their mobile boarding pass and opening their hotel room door on their mobile. They’ve come to expect immediate answers to their questions. Want to know where the nearest available Wi-Fi is? One tap on their watch and they’re directed to where they need to be.

While the latest gadgets may make business travel slightly more bearable, it helps for them to have partners like you that are technologically advanced when they are caught up in a sea of travellers trying to beat them to the boarding gate.

Most travellers expect a seamless travel experience with relevant and timely in-trip information, and continued support from their travel agent. They want their travel agent to make sure they are safe at all times and reach out in cases of emergency.

Have your clients ever been stuck at an airport because they missed a connection? A few years ago, you as the travel agent had to get out of bed and race to your office to save the day while the client paced up and down past empty chain restaurants at airports waiting for a solution to their travel woes. Today, travel agents can access Amadeus Selling Platform Connect within seconds wherever they are, from their laptop or tablet, and find a solution for their clients immediately.

Did your clients buy too much Thornton’s Toffee for their luggage and now need to increase how much they lug along on board? Or would they like to upgrade their Economy seat after a long day of meetings.  You don’t need to look for your client’s company’s travel policy or find the details of your lodge card, it’s all captured in one place on Amadeus Selling Platform Connect for easy access and reference, saving precious hours of research and inconvenience.

Gone are the days that travel agents need to tell their clients to ‘wait till I get to office’, or to ‘please call back on Monday morning. Clients know their consultant will be reactive and that they can deal with their queries within minutes.

Fozia Ismael Diriye, a ticketing consultant at Libken Agencies in Kenya, says, “What I love most is the efficiency it creates because I can access it anywhere especially on my smartphone. (Amadeus Selling Platform Connect) enabled me to assist a client was when I was out with my friends. I got a call from a client who needed an urgent ticket. I was able to log in on my phone and I issued the ticket on Selling Platform Connect. It saved me the hassle of going all the way back home to my computer. Being able to deliver such service to a customer at all times is the best feeling ever!”

After hours service has become more effectives, says Rachael Penaluna, Business Manager at Sure Maritime Travel, in South Africa. “It’s no longer a value-add. Amadeus think like travel consultants and come up with products that make us more productive, efficient and professional – that is what clients expect.”