Vanessa Roux
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Corporate Online Sales Expert for Central Africa & Country Manager Gabon for Amadeus Vanessa Roux says her best advice to other women aspiring to be leaders is to ‘be yourself’.

We find out a bit more about Vanessa through a quick-fire round of questions on her life and her career at Amadeus.

Describe yourself in one word


Favourite movie?

Gone with the wind

Tea or coffee?

Green tea with lime

The first app you open in the morning?


Last book you read?

 Option B by Sheryl Sandberg and La Tresse by Laetitia Colombani

Three songs on your playlist?

Tutu (Miles Davis), Asimbonanga (Johnny Clegg), Careless whisper (G Michael)

Last time you had a good laugh…

a few minutes ago

Someone you looked up to when you were a kid?

Nelson Mandela

What makes you proud of Africa?

The beauty of Nature

What keeps you busy during the weekends?


First memory at Amadeus? 

The colour blue, my favourite

Where would you take colleagues to dinner? 

Pointe Denis island

A current project that keeps you up at night?

Set up of a bookstore

If you could travel anywhere in the world…  

Japan to discover the tradition

Your favourite place in Africa?

Walking into Arboretum Raponda Walker

Window or aisle? 

Window to dream

Favourite airport? 

Tel Aviv Airport

If you were granted one wish to change travel… 

Supersonic planes at affordable prices to reduce the time of journeys

Your model as a woman?

Oprah Winfrey, starting from scratch and climbing the ladder to success

What would you tell the women around you aspiring to be leaders? 

Be Yourself