Idowu Kolawole Adewoye
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AMBO Implementation Executive for Amadeus in Nigeria, Idowu Kolawole Adewoye shares some insights with us about himself and his career at Amadeus.

Describe yourself in one word: Passionate

Tea or coffee? Tea

First app you open in the morning? Outlook Web App

Last book you read? Bible

Three songs on your playlist? You are the awesome wonder, I know who I am, Holy are you lord

Last time you had a good laugh… a few seconds ago

Someone you looked up to when you were a kid? My mother

What makes you proud of Africa?  Dynamism of culture and language

What keeps you busy during the weekends?  My kids

First memory at Amadeus? Travel for training

Where would you take colleagues to dinner? Restaurant around the beach

A current project that keeps you up at night?  Amadeus Mid Back Office

If you could travel anywhere in the world… it would be France

Your favourite place in Africa? Mambila Plateau in Nigeria

Window or aisle? Window

If you were granted one wish to change travel… A culture of people who have travel on their minds as a form of education

Favourite airport? OR Tambo in JNB