Anita Donkor
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Administrative Officer for Amadeus in Ghana, Anita Donkor loves interacting and working with people from many different backgrounds.

Three years ago, she told us she loved the fact that Amadeus was an international company and that her efforts were being recognised outside the borders of Ghana, around the world.

We chatted to Anita Donkor again with a quick-fire round of questions on her life and her career at Amadeus.

Describe yourself in one word:  Amiable

Favourite movie: ‘The War Room’ by Kendrick brothers

Tea or coffee?  Tea

First app you open in the morning? Database app

Last book you read? No Greater Love by Danielle Steel

Three songs on your playlist?

1)My Love

2) Queen of my Heart

3) Flying without Wings

All by Westlife

Last time you had a good laugh… A while ago

Someone you looked up to when you were a kid? My mum

What makes you proud of Africa? Our rich and dynamic culture

What keeps you busy during the weekends? Caring for my Dude

First memory at Amadeus? Amadeus Transformational Workshop in 2013

Where would you take colleagues to dinner?  The restaurant @ Kempiski Hotel in Accra

If you could travel anywhere in the world…  I would travel to Alaska, US

Your favourite place in Africa? Kenya

Window or aisle? Window

If you were granted one wish to change travel…   I would focus more on the relationship with clients

Favourite airport? Singapore Airport