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Flight delays, lost luggage and cancellations notwithstanding – at least 86% of business travellers say they’re satisfied with their travels despite business travel mishaps, according to a recent study by the Global Business Travel Alliance (GBTA).

The demands of each generation challenge organisations to find travel solutions that help to retain and recruit talent. Increasingly, traveller-centric corporate travel programmes are aimed at meeting the needs of corporate travellers and take into account the diverse drivers of each generation.

These key drivers include bookings, productivity during travel, tracking and reporting, and personal life. Companies are encouraged to look into these elements and their relevant importance to each generation so that business travel satisfaction for their employees remains high.

Traveller experience has been an industry buzz word for several years, but the GBTA survey results clearly demonstrate how much these drivers really matter to road warriors, says GBTA COO and Executive Director Scott Solombrino.

“As the workforce continues to diversify, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to business travel, meaning choice and flexibility should be a key consideration when developing travel policies.”

The GBTA Study identified the following drivers:

  • Millennials are content overall with their booking options, but they do want more choices when booking travel and prefer booking travel on a third-party website.
  • Generation Xers find the ‘ease of making changes’ more worthy. They opt for booking directly on the supplier’s website.
  • Boomers are not too fussy about bookings. What they value the most is maintaining good relationships with people and being able to use WiFi everywhere they go.

Overall, conveniently located hotels and consistent WiFi access topped the list of what is most important for satisfied business travellers. Interestingly, 83% of those surveyed are happier when there are gym facilities at the hotels and prefer proximity to walkable areas.
Similarly, a new report from Harvard Business Review and Egencia indicates that companies which spend more on travel reap major rewards in terms of employee satisfaction and market share.

The report stated that companies with a strong travel culture reported a 47% improvement in profitability because they invest more in travel and care more about traveller satisfaction.

The numbers don’t lie. Investing in good travel for your business travellers has benefits not only for them, but also for the company by helping to retain star employees, recruit talent and empowering travelling employees to meet the company’s overall goals when they travel.

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