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The capital of Ghana, Accra is situated on the Atlantic coast of West Africa and offers some of the greatest shopping, excellent nightlife and some fantastic dining options for corporate travellers. This bustling metropolis is an interesting city of contrasts, where the old blends with the new, where tradition blends with foreign cultures.

We chatted to Amadeus Country Manager for Ghana Mesape Sube about this fascinating and vibrant city and what travellers can expect.

“The City of Accra is rapidly metamorphosing into a gigantic metropolis which is sure to wow every visitor to Ghana,” he says. Mesape explains many businesses are operating around the airport city area today. This area is experiencing rapid growth with new generation structures being raised to accommodate living areas and office spaces. “Most of the malls and business centres are located around this area,” he says.

Work-Life balance is a prime factor in a metropolitan city such as Accra, says Mesape, adding that corporates will find leisure opportunities in many areas in the city centre; from Osu, Labone to Airport City with its “Villagio’s” Sky Bar & Am&Pm.

Says Mesape: “On Fridays after work, leisure life kicks-off in Ghana with what locals call TGIF – Thank God, It’s Friday! Corporates who are up for it, will be able to have a lot of fun in this city. They can explore the city’s pubs and clubs, its Live Band Spots (Gold Coast) as well as the City Escape Hotel throughout the night till dawn.”

Those looking for a culinary experience will also not be disappointed and will be treated to a large offer of options from continental restaurants to establishments serving local delicacies. “End the night off with a party at the Carbon Night club on top of the Coco lounge and the day will be unforgettable,” says Mesape.

There are quite a lot of sightseeing opportunities for those corporates who would like to explore the city during the day. Mesape suggest the The Centre For National Culture, better known simply as ‘The Arts Centre’, is definitely worth a visit.

“Travellers will find everything in this centre from woven Kente cloth, wooden sculptures, earrings and other fashion accessories, to the latest in African Attire fashion and arts and crafts from all over Ghana. There is so much to see with a never-ending array of goods in numerous stalls that you may even need more than one day to explore this centre.”

The Art Centre is located next to the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, which is also definitely worth a visit. “The Park honours Ghana’s first president, who helped lead the country to independence. You can learn more about Ghana’s history at the museum in this park,” says Mesape.