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The constant search for perfection. That’s something the Commercial Account Supervisor for Amadeus Nigeria Blaise Obot believes in, and in his new post as the head of the Port Harcourt Amadeus branch office, he will be committed to our customers’ success. 

This father of three sees huge potential for Amadeus in the Port Harcourt region and he should know, with his extensive travel industry experience both at Amadeus and previously at Air France.

“We need to be closer to our clients in this region,” says Blaise. “We need to knock at the right doors and propose our various solutions to our clients. 

“Amadeus has the competitive edge when it comes to technology. And, our technology needs to be available in every Nigerian travel agency, no matter how remote. I want to see everyone using Amadeus,” says Blaise. 

Blaise believes Amadeus must be the GDS of choice for travel agents in Nigeria. “When people and travel agencies think travel, I want them to immediately picture Amadeus. That is what I want to achieve during my time in Port Harcourt.”

 And to get there, Blaise believes the recipe is training. “Travel agents who have received quality training will stay with Amadeus because they are able to work with the latest solutions. The technological solutions Amadeus offers allows travel agents to position themselves for the next five years allowing them to increase their revenue and optimise their workflow while simultaneously offering increased value and efficiencies to their clients.”

 His focus firmly set on training, Blaise envisages new mobile training centres which will assist with equipping travel agents in even the most remotest corners of Nigeria.

 On the corporate side, Blaise has earmarked the petroleum and gas industries “to help these companies access modern technology that can simplify their travel departments. Amadeus can offer these companies the tools they need to become more autonomous, to better manage their travel spend and to become more efficient.” 

Blaise will be taking over the Port Harcourt branch from his predecessor Sanmi Ajadi, who has taught him the ropes. “Thank you Samni for the amazing work you’ve done,” says Blaise.

For Blaise, Amadeus is not the only passion. He adores his children, who have warned that with his Port Harcourt move, he can expect a shopping visit every weekend.

 Blaise also loves gardening. “I like plants all around my house. When they start flowering, I experience pure joy and happiness,” he says, intrigued by every plant from flowers to medicinal plants.  

 Travelling is of course another of Blaise’s passions. After he finished his studies in Public Law in Cameroon, he travelled the world, spending time in France for many trainings in Paris and Caen. He also travelled to Arkansas and Houston in the US, two of his favourite travel destinations. 

Says Blaise: “Travelling allows us to meet new people, and meeting people is what is important in life. The people we meet along our travels and our life journey are our greatest fortune.”