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You know that at Amadeus we’re all about big data. With the explosive growth of big data in the travel industry today, there are endless opportunities to use analytics and new technologies to personalise the travel experience.

While everybody talks about how important big data is, not everybody understands just how much you can improve your business just by paying attention to what your big data is saying. In an article for, business and technology writer Jennifer Lonoff Schiff explains the 8 ways you can make the most out of your customer data.

Just by paying attention, you can use your customer data to:

  • Create a more personalised, pleasurable shopping experience.
  • Customise promotions and special offers.
  • Get helpful product feedback – and improve your products.
  • Improve your marketing.
  • Create new products and services.
  • Provide better customer service.
  • Improve organisational effectiveness and reduce risk and fraud.
  • Create sharable content.


Read the full article on CIO here: 8 ways to make the most of your customer data.