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Chrisna van der Merwe, owner of Sure Travel Scene in Johannesburg, has been an AQM for the past four years. Since taking on the role of AQM in the agency, Chrisna has attended all the AQM workshops.

“I find the workshops very useful because in the day to day agency environment we don’t get a chance to find out what’s happening out there, what’s changed, what’s new, and how we can make things easier for ourselves because we’re just too busy.

“The AQM workshops empower us by showing us new, easier ways of doing things. It brings new solutions to our attention and refreshes our memories.”

Chrisna usually meets with staff after the workshops to go through the presentation and discuss aspects pertinent to the agency.

“One of the most impactful AQM workshops thus far has been the one where we were introduced to Amadeus Ticket Changer. It has really been a lifesaver. It has made reissues so much easier, removing a lot of calculations and thereby eliminated many ADMs. The workshops have also had an impact on our bottom line because we’ve learnt to work smarter and become more efficient. In today’s world, that helps a lot.”