April Fools' Day
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In case you missed it, April Fools’ Day occurred over the weekend.

Not only is this a time when you try and fool your friends and family, it’s also when major brands try and gain media attention by making funny announcements.

Here are some of the best travel pranks for April Fools’ Day this year.

Virgin introduces mid-flight spinning classes

Bored of economy but can’t afford business? Virgin Australia released an ad for a new product aimed at gym-goers called ‘spin class.’  Richard Branson even joined in, saying he couldn’t wait to take a spin in the sky.

Emirates to feature new SkyLounge

 Tired of those little airplane cabin windows? Emirates promised its new 777X SkyLounge would feature “unmatched aerial views and unparalleled luxury.”

Concept images of the lounge posted by Emirates show a passenger enjoying an inflight meal while looking out over the clouds, as well as member of cabin crew standing ready to perform her duties while in the lounge.

WestJet introduces per-minute toilet charge

Swoop, WestJet’s new low-cost carrier, said Sunday morning that they would be charging travellers to use the washrooms when they hit the skies on June 20.

Travellers would be expected to bring their credit card to the lavatory to start getting charged as soon as you locked the door. Swoop said they would charge $1 per minute and when the time came to clean up, toilet paper would run at $0.25 per square.

There was also an option to bring your own toilet paper.

Europe introduces new passport colour

 The European Parliament’s UK office made light of Britain’s decision to ditch burgundy passports after Brexit in a tweet posted on April Fool’s day (1 April), joking that the EU would also switch to blue next March.

Google Maps – Finding Wally

Last year, it launched the Google Gnome, an AI speaker for your garden. This year, the Internet giant is having some fun with its Maps service.

When you opened the app on April 1, a playable version of Where’s Wally pops up. “He shared his location in Maps, but he’s in a crowd. Find him and his friends as they travel around the world,” a message reads.

Virgin Experience Days turns back time

 For only £88 Virgin Experience Days is offering customers the chance to travel back in time to an era of their choice (geological, anthropological or historical).

People can give a loved one the opportunity the take a selfie with a dinosaur or hang out with a caveman in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Liam Howard-Jones, head of marketing at Virgin Experience Days, said: “It’s hard to explain how it works and unless you’re a physicist you’re unlikely to understand anyway.”

ShareBED: The newest innovation in the sharing economy

Did you know that the average human only uses 40% of their usable bed space? That’s a whopping 60% of the bed that goes to waste. Until now. Rent out that unused space and make money while you sleep. Introducing ShareBED the newest innovation in the sharing economy.

Walt Disney World now sells Kale churros

 Walt Disney World announced it invented a new kind of churro. For when you want salad and dessert at the same time.

Kale Churros | Walt Disney World

We invented a new kind of churro. For when you want salad and dessert at the same time. #WaltDisneyWorld

Posted by Walt Disney World on Sunday, 1 April 2018