Airline Passenger
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If there is one place where people tend to get annoyed with their fellow traveller, it is on long-haul flights.

From the granny who wants to show you the pictures of her cats and tell you all about each one of them to the person who reclines their seat just while you were getting ready to have dinner, quite a few people can get our blood boiling.


But, who is the most annoying airline passenger? Expedia conducted its annual Airplane Etiquette study to find out….

The Rear Seat Kicker

It appears there is officially nothing more annoying than someone kicking the back of your seat while you are on a flight. For the third year in a row, the infamous ‘Rear Seat Kicker’ was voted as the most annoying person on a plane.



Inattentive Parents

‘Inattentive parents’ came in a close second in the list. This category was defined as “parents who have no control over, or pay no attention to, their crying, whining or misbehaved children”. Somehow, it seems people don’t enjoy strange children drawing all over their business documents, while parents are happily chatting with each other or are engrossed in their book.


Aromatic passengers

‘Aromatic’ passengers are also not the favourite travel companions for most of us. Strong body odours or excessive perfume can get people quite worked up on a long flight.

Audio Insensitive passengers and Boozers

The “Audio Insensitive” passengers who happily puts his music on full volume and “The Boozer” both tied on the fourth place on what really irritates us on a plane.



Chatty Cathy

The notorious “Chatty Cathy,” who feels compelled to tell you their whole life story, frustrates 40% of fliers. Even more so, passengers say they “dread” sitting next to this type of person and would happily pay extra to be seated in a “designated quiet zone,” if the airline offered one.


How do passengers deal with the irritating behaviour of their fellow flyers? Most passengers simply alert the flight attendant (62 percent) or suffer in silence (33 percent). But, 13 percent say they share offensive behaviour with their friends by recording it on their phone and posting it to social media. So, better tell your clients to stick to airline etiquette or risk going viral on social media…

The good news is that an overwhelming 79 percent of travellers agreed that “for the most part, fellow passengers are considerate of one another”. So, there is hope for us all yet!

The full list of onboard etiquette faux-pas passengers include:

The Rear Seat Kicker 64 percent
Inattentive Parents 59 percent
The Aromatic Passenger 55 percent
The Audio Insensitive 49 percent
The Boozer 49 percent
Chatty Cathy 40 percent
The Queue Jumper 35 percent
Seat-Back Guy 35 percent
The Armrest Hog 34 percent
Pungent Foodies 30 percent
The Undresser 28 percent
The Amorous 28 percent
The Mad Bladder 22 percent
The Single and Ready to Mingle 18 percent