Jennifer Bukohore, Amadeus Uganda
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Life is an adventure, so let’s get out there and explore.

If you’re based in Uganda you may have interacted with Jennifer, our trainer and product specialist. What you may not know about her is that she is an adventure enthusiast and a complete adrenaline junkie. When Jennifer is not in the Amadeus office you can be sure that she is likely gorilla trekking, snorkeling or white water rafting.And, so who better to have an entertaining quick-fire round with? A little bit of inspiration for all of us to get up and go plan those adventures we have been meaning to.

Jennifer takes her adventure side for White Water Rafting

Let’s start easy…. Tea or coffee?

Tea, everyone in Uganda mostly drinks tea. It’s a cultural thing.

Because we’re in tech… First app you open in the morning?

Worship Harvest. Worship Harvest is my church in Kampala and they have a mobile app. I use this app every morning to read daily devotions (even churches are getting tech-savvy!)

For those moments when you aren’t on the adventure trail… favourite movie?

El Cinema paradiso. An old Italian movie about a filmmaker who relives his childhood and his love for the movies. It won an academy award, is funny and has a host of talented actors. I highly recommend watching it.

Jennifer always up for a challenge

Speaking of childhood…. someone you looked up to when you were a kid?

My mother, she kept us as a family together.

I remember when I was growing up, it was never only our family, my cousins and aunties also stayed with us and the house was always full. There was never a day that we had nothing to eat or drink. We also had a place to sleep on and we were never alone as a family. It takes a lot of planning, loving and sharing to keep a house that lively.

Because we all need music in our lives… three songs on your playlist:

Covered –planet shakers

Happy-Pharrell Williams

Amazing Grace-Hill songs.

Last time you had a good laugh…

With my girlfriends at dinner last week. We laughed about all sorts of things. It could be about fashion, people or life. We always have something to laugh about.

Now that we know you like to dine out, where would you take us if we came over?

Le Chateau Brasserie Belge- Kampala. It is a restaurant that has been here for a very long time. The ambiance of the restaurant is simple and elegant, and hasn’t lost its touch. A quaint trip down memory lane.

And if we stayed over for the weekend, what would we be doing with you?

Well it would be filled with activities and kids. Depending on the weather my kids will usually go swimming, horse riding or simply to play around in the park.


Now the exciting part…

What makes you proud of Africa?

The rich diversity of people. The culture, the food, the languages and of course the music.

Your favourite place in Africa?

Pemba, Zanzibar

The beaches are clean and beautiful and the place is affordable. I have also done snorkeling, which was an amazing experience.

If you could travel anywhere in the world… 

Machu-Pichu, Peru. I had some friends from Peru who talked a lot about Machu Pichu and its very rich history background. I love different cultures and history hence Peru is on my bucket list for places to visit.

If you were granted one wish to change travel… 

Be able to travel anywhere in world without a visa. Imagine if you could just up and go on a whim.

Favorite airport:

Dubai Airport as I love to shop from the duty shops there. The space is also wonderful as they have different lounges to accommodate different passengers.

Window or aisle? 

Window. I am a dreamer. I love to look out the window and see all the possibilities out there.

And well, we wouldn’t be Amadeus if we didn’t ask 1 question related….

First memory at Amadeus: 

How friendly the people were, knowledgeable and willing to share information about everything they know in Amadeus.