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16 April 2018 , 10:36 am

Amadeus Tip: How to keep your travellers informed at all times with Travel Alerts Notifier

Travel Alerts

Did you know that independent surveys have found that more than 80% of passengers wish to stay informed by airlines and airports throughout their journey?

With Amadeus Travel Alerts Notifier (ATAN), travel agents are able to keep their travellers informed of any changes to their travel 
plans throughout the 
entire trip cycle – from the initial booking up to their arrival back home.

Stay connected with your customers and deliver instant automated alerts of changes to their travel plans.

ATAN provides several different alerts without any intervention from the agent! These notifications are sent via SMS or e-mail for flight updates affecting clients’ schedules, waitlist confirmation, re-seating, cancellation and many more, as well as airport changes such as boarding gate, baggage carousel, terminal change or delay.

Travellers can also receive e-ticket reminders, guaranteeing peace of mind to the traveller without the need for agent intervention. Messages are sent automatically and in real-time, ensuring travellers receive information quickly.

Customise the solution

Amadeus Travel Alerts Notifier’s rich content allows you to customise the notifications you send out with your agency’s logo and configure the layout to your own specification. You can include your contact details, as well as links to your website or social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Notifications can also be provided in your travellers’ preferred language for a truly personalised service and a smoother travel experience.

Amadeus Travel Alerts Notifier delivers alerts to your travellers automatically and in real-time for the following events:

Electronic ticket issuance

Waitlist clearance

Flight changes

_ Schedule change

_ Flight number change

_ Flight date change

_ Flight routing change

_ Change of seat allocation

_ Re-accommodation

_ Air segment cancellation

Flight status

_ Flight delay

_ Terminal departure change

_ Baggage claim

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