luggage allowance
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Are your clients avid holiday shoppers? Or do they tend to pack for a weekend getaway as if they were a princess undertaking a lengthy voyage on a luxury cruise ship? Luggage allowance and baggage restrictions are the bane of most travellers’ lives.

For those of you with clients who simply can’t pack light, Amadeus offers the following booking options.

New pricing option: FXP/SBF-1

With this new pricing option you will get fares with minimum 1PC baggage allowance


Where can it be used?

Pricing: FXX, FXP

Best pricing: FXA, FXL, FXB, FXR

Informative pricing: FQP


Good to know!

It can be combined with other pricing options:

Example: FXP/R,U12345/SBF-1

Master Pricer Expert –  //FBA option

The //FBA free baggage allowance option applies to the entire itinerary only.

With //FBA option you will get always results with free baggage allowance.


Catalogue of ancillary services (FXK)

Displaying the chargeable standard baggage in the service catalogue

Displaying the first chargeable standard baggage service: FXK/STD-BAG1

luggage allowance

Displaying the first and the second chargeable standard baggage services: FXK/STD-BAG1*2

luggage allowance