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Do you know how to price and ticket by fare basis? We’ll teach you all the tips and tricks with our latest Amadeus tip.

To override the normal pricing checks such as HIP and BHC, and apply a specific fare basis, use the /L option. For example, to price all segments in a PNR using the fare basis code YAP, enter: FXP/L-YAP

The fare you are searching for must exist in the system, otherwise it will not be considered for pricing by the system.

The system will validate the following items when you price or ticket by fare basis:

  • stopovers
  • surcharges
  • child discount
  • other discounts
  • passenger types
  • routings
  • round the world and circle trip itineraries

Fail code 3 will be printed on the ticket.

Here are some fare basis override examples:




Prices or tickets all segments in a PNR with the fare basis code YAP



Prices or tickets all segments in a PNR, with the fare basis code YAP, and adds not valid before and not valid after dates

Prices or tickets separate segments in a PNR


Prices segments 2 and 4 with fare basis YZZ, and segment 5 with fare basis YAP3M


Prices a whole itinerary with different fare basis codes, without assuming a through fare, breaking the fare at all specified points





Prices parts of an itinerary, applying different fare basis codes, and assumes a through fare.

When you choose parts of an itinerary to be priced by fare basis, you must segment select (S2,4) as well as refer to the different segment numbers after the identifier L.




Prices or tickets by fare basis for group fares.

You may only use this option for fares filed in Automated Rules format. The system does not validate conditions of the group fare rules, and TSTs created with this option are considered manual.







Prices by round the world (RW) and circle trip (CT) fare basis.

The fares and taxes are calculated automatically, provided that you include the RW or CT global indicator in the pricing request.

The distribution system verifies coded fare rules. It is the agent’s responsibility to ensure that all free-format conditions of the carrier’s rules are applied correctly.

RW and CT specified fares are not covered by an IATA  definition, because they are carrier-specific promotional fares with a single fare component, and are filed under a global indicator.

Pricing override functionalities are considered manual entries and therefore not guaranteed. It is important to obtain a fare guarantee from the airline owning the fare or the ticket being modified.