pricing override entries
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Are you forever trying to override the system? Good news: pricing override functionalities are permitted in all Amadeus markets.

However, it’s important to be careful as some airlines may restrict the use of some override options, or all.  If such an airline is included in the itinerary where you are performing a pricing override transaction, the following message will be displayed.

* pricing override not allowed by carrier *          

Important note: if you, as an agent, use pricing override functionalities, the TST in your PNR may be considered (M) manually manipulated. It is your responsibility to obtain authorisation from the airline owning the fare or the ticket you are modifying.

Override pricing entries do not fall under the Amadeus guarantee policy.

Below you may find some of the most common override pricing entries:

The pricing overrides can be used with FXP, FXX & Best Pricer entries (FXR,FXB,FXA etc..).

For more information please refer to HE OVERRIDE