Light Ticketing Amadeus Tip
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Do you know how to modify the fare field elements in a TST? We’ll tell you how to go about it with our latest Amadeus Tip.

When entering Fare Field elements in a TST, you can use either the TTI or the TTK transaction code. Use the TTK transaction code to modify a specific Fare Field element.

To add or modify just the fare value or equivalent fare values, enter:




To add a specific tax field, enter:


Once the fare and tax fields have been entered, the tax fields have identification numbers. For example:


FARE  F USD    870.70

TX001 X USD    65.30US  TX002 X USD  5.00AY   TX003 X USD   6.00ZP

TX004 X USD     6.00XF

TOTAL   USD     953.00



Component Identifies
TX001 Tax field number 1
TX002 Tax field number 2
TX003 Tax field number 3
TX004 Tax field number 4

To modify a specific tax field, use the tax field number:


To delete a fare or equivalent fare value, or all taxes, enter the identifier without a value:




Use the tax field number to delete a specific tax field:


These entries will allow you to individually update fare fields, including taxes.