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Do you enjoy working with Amadeus Productivity Suite but are you wondering how to manage your Smart Flow Questions?

We’re lifting the veil in our latest Amadeus Tip:

First things first: you should know that questions define the prompt that is displayed during the execution of a Smart Flow.

Cryptic commands are sent with the answers that are provided. A colour-highlighted rectangle indicates which sections of a command have a question associated with them. The highlight is orange when the question is active and the highlight is blue when the question is selected but not active.

How to create a question in the Smart Flow editor?

1. Open or create a Smart Flow in command-based mode.

2. Select the part of the command that you want to create a question for.

3. Click on Create New Question.

4. Enter a title for the question in the Label field.

5. Enter the question in the Question field.

5. Click on Save.

How to edit a question?

Want to change your question? No problem!

Changes made to a question are saved automatically even if you do not click on Save. Therefore, if you edit a question and activate another question, the changes to the first question are saved automatically.

1.Activate the question in command mode by clicking on the section of the command that the question relates to. Alternatively, use the keyboard arrows to navigate to the command.

The question is activated when the Label and Question fields are prefilled with the question details and the section of the command in the definition field is highlighted in orange.

2. Edit the question as required.

How to delete a question?

Would you rather delete your question altogether? No problem! However, you need to ensure that the question is not active because an active question cannot be deleted.

Place the cursor at the beginning of the label of the coloured rectangle for the question and press the Delete key.

Alternatively, place the cursor at the end of the label of the coloured rectangle for the question and press the Backspace key.

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