split a PNR
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Do you have a group of clients on the same PNR? For the most part, being on the same PNR will make things easier for your clients who are travelling together.

However, there are a few times when it can actually cause quite a headache.

Imagine that one passenger would like to splurge on an upgrade, but the other passenger is not so keen. If only one passenger wants to upgrade, you’ll need to split the PNR.

Does one of the travel companions need to jet off early, or come back late? This is not necessarily a problem as long as you split the PNR before making changes. Same goes for needing to cancel one ticket.

Here’s how you can easily split a PNR in your Amadeus system:

  1  Split the name fields for:
A single passenger
Multiple passengers
A range of passengers
A combination


 2  Enter a received from field >RF MARIA
 3 End and file the associate PNR >EF
 4 Enter the received from   field, and end transaction >RF MARIA;ER
 5 Check if airline record exists on the parent PNR
as well as the divided PNR

WARNING: If airline record locator does not appear DO NOT make any changes.
This will not generate to the airline side and will lead to NONSYNCH of booking.

6 Make the changes/cancellation.