Hotel Loyalty
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The hospitality landscape is, arguably, more competitive than ever before. Guest expectations are high and – according to recent studies – guest loyalty is in decline as consumers are switching brands more frequently than ever before.

A McKinsey & Company study suggests that having a basic rewards program isn’t a sure-fire way for hotels to build loyalty and drive sales. The loyalty programme of the future needs to play into the trends and expectations of the consumer.

We have seen travel brands and hotels around the globe reinventing their rewards program with personalised perks, such as tickets to local shows, complimentary services or upgrades, and exclusive experiences.

As hotels are reinventing their loyalty programmes to entice travellers across the globe, it is vital that travel agents have easy access to the exclusive rates hotels offer their most loyal customers.

Hotel chains with special campaigns for loyalty members have now enabled access to loyalty member rates to Amadeus agencies.

Learn how to identify and book special loyalty member rates for leading hotel chains using the guide below:


Hilton Honors discount rates are represented by the rate code H81. Agents must include the rate code H81 using the option /SR in their hotel availability command to view and book this special rate
Example : HAORD13Sep-2/CO-EH/SR-H81


Hyatt Gold Passport member discount rates are represented by the rate code H4Y. Hyatt partner agencies have been provided with the access to these rates. Agents must include rate code H4Y using the option /SR in the hotel availability command to view and book this special rate
Example : HAMIA20Aug-2/CO-HY/SR-H4Y


IHG Reward club rates are represented by rate codes YR1 (IHG Rewards Club) and YR9 (IHG Rewards Club Advanced Purchase). Agents must specify the rate code in the hotel availability command using the /SR option to view and book these special rates. You must enter the customers member ID in the sell entry when booking these rates
Example : HAMIA20Aug-2/CO-6C/SR-YR1-YR9


Marriott’s approved list of agencies have access to view and book Marriott International Rewards member rate program. These rates are listed on a single property availability display after the package rates, towards the end of the rate display. No special rate code is necessary to request these rates in the availability response.
Example: HAMIA20AUG-2/CO-EM/SR-Y45

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